Tuesday, August 31, 2010



happy Independence Day's for Malaysia
and I'm proudly to be Malaysian

terkenang budi pada para pejuang tanah air
yg bertungkus-lumus dengan mengorbankan
darah sendiri semata-mata utk memerdekakan tanah air
drpd belenggu penjajah yg menindas Malaysia selama beratus
tahun lamanya...

I don't understand what's the meaning of "merdeka" today??
supposed after 53 long years we've free
we need to be matured
look at some teenagers nowadays
so pathetic
[i'm included i think...=( ]
I say this because
there's too much social problem take place
among young men and women
they seems don't perceive the intended meaning of
for them on "merdeka's" night
they just having fun

they need to think deep
and learn as much as they can
get all the knowledge
because they're the one who's gonna
lead Malaysia one day

but with the social problem now
they put Malaysia in a risk
for the reasons that
we didn't see young men and women who can become leader
of course there is someone who can be
but small in number

I just feels of expectations
that this harmful matter
does not occur among them anymore
and hope Malaysia
will achieve
"Wawasan 2020"


Nafrie said...

anak merrdeka

Anonymous said...

slamat merdeka faiq oi..:D